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Dr.Hayes Gladstone MD

Hayes B. Gladstone, MD is the President and Founder of the Gladstone Clinic in beautiful San Ramon, CA. Dr. Gladstone brings a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through his many years as not only a physician but as the former Director of Dermatologic Surgery and Associate Professor for the esteemed Stanford University. Dr. Gladstone is also the former Director for the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Course at the Annual American Academy for Dermatology Meeting, the former Director of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), and also serves on the Board of Directors of the ASDS. During his cosmetic fellowship, Dr. Gladstone trained in the strip technique of hair transplant and later offered this technique at Stanford University. Dr. Gladstone has also edited a very well-received cosmetic book that includes the latest techniques offered for hair transplant. Dr. Gladstone is pleased to offer SmartGraft, an advanced semi-automated technique using follicular unit extraction. This technique is the preferred technique of Dr. Gladstone not only because of its results but because of how much easier it is on the patient. The combination of the SmartGraft technology and the FUE technique can be performed in the office using local anesthesia and takes less time than traditional hair transplant techniques. With this method there will be less down time for the patient, no linear scar, and the patient will be left with a more natural result.

Dr Gladstone has 100 publications on mohs surgery, reconstruction and aesthetic procedures including nearly 30 chapters, and is the co-editor of a well received book on cosmetic procedures that has been translated into several languages.
Dr Gladstone feels fortunate to be in the field of medicine, and privileged to treat patients. It is important for him to give back. For 11 years, he volunteered at the student run Stanford homeless clinic in Menlo Park. He is the co-founder with Murad Alam, MD of Northwestern of the Blade and Light Society and is the President of Blade and Light International. This is a nonprofit organization ( that sends teams of fellowship trained mohs surgeons abroad to perform volunteer mohs surgery and reconstruction. He is also co-chair with Kathleen Welsh, MD of the American Academy of Dermatology Bay Area fundraiser Take A Hike, Skin Cancer.
Prior to medical school, Dr Gladstone was an award winning photojournalist and sports editor in Colorado. That two dimensional visual design background has served as a foundation for his three dimensional vision in reconstruction and aesthetic procedures. As a former competitive athlete, he understands the arbitrariness of the aging process. In his spare time, he plays tennis, squash, skis, practices the classical guitar, shoots photos and continues to write.

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