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Meet Dr. Ricardo Pocurull

Dr. Pocurull is board certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. His years in Rheumatology have taught him to master injectables. Dr. Pocurull also has a degree in Psychology with his area of expertise as a trained counselor in relational therapy and boundaries. Dr. Pocurull has had an interest in wellness for many years, much of it fueled by his experience in clinical practice. During these years, many of his patients have frequently asked, “How can I prevent arthritis?” This is a loaded question especially since there are over 100 forms of arthritis. While we have no way of preventing the development of arthritis, research has identified that patients who are physically fit are less likely to experience more severe consequences of arthritis. In some cases exercise may be protective against osteoarthritis. One study found that people who engaged in recreational running were less likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knees. Similar concepts apply to most chronic illnesses. Healthy dieting reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. Tai Chi helps improve chronic pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Yoga and Tai Chi help alleviate headaches in patients with lupus. Meditation helps increase activity in the “joy center” of the brain in patients with depression. The list goes on. The bottom line is that people who engage in a healthy lifestyle have a lower incidence of chronic illness, recover quicker from sickness, and are generally happier. They are also less likely to self-medicate with things like alcohol, tobacco, sweets, etc. Also, our nation’s healthcare crisis can be mitigated if more people are healthy. In the words of Dr. Len Barry, “The only way we are going to cut healthcare cost is to have a healthier population.” So why aesthetic medicine? Dr Pocurull’s research and experience has led him to realize that our sense of what is beautiful is based on our sense of what is healthy. So putting it simply: Healthy skin is beautiful, A Healthy body is fit and resilient, A Healthy mind is at peace, A Healthy spirit is close to God In our Aesthetics Practice, we are not looking to “cover up flaws” as much as we are looking to make the skin and body healthy. We want to take a comprehensive approach, and the skin is where we chose to start. We then incorporate state-of-the-art scientific research. An example is our use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)and hyaluronic acid. PRP is derived from our own blood. This product is then injected into the skin and stimulates the body’s own repair and healing process. Also, the dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid use a substance made by healthy collagen. It attracts moisture and helps restructure the skin matrix. We can apply these two treatments and get a dramatic effect on the appearance the skin. So is this vanity? Ask the survivor of a facial burn if trying to look beautiful is vanity. Ask the survivor of childhood abuse who has facial scars as a daily reminder of her tormentor. Is it vanity that they may want to improve their appearance? I think not. And in my opinion, anyone who is trying to improve their appearance or stay fit or learn how to manage stress better, is simply engaging in self-nurturing. In counseling many patients over the years, one of the first observable signs a person is recovering and “feeling” better are when they begin to nurture and take care of themselves. Our mental state shows in how we take care of ourselves. Artisan’s seeks to be the premier choice in self-care when it comes to aesthetics and wellness.

Georgetown University, BA Psychology/Biology 1991
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, MD, 1995
Baylor College of Medicine, Residency Internal Medicine, 1998
University of Miami School of Medicine, Fellowship in Rheumatology, 2000
Rheumatology Private Practice Houston, Tx 2000-2002
Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic of Brazos Valley, 2002 – present
Texas Medical License since 1995
Florida Medical License 1998
Internal Medicine Board Certification 1999
Rheumatology Board Certification 2001
Vampire Facelift Certification
Cosmetic Medical Training Certification
Inmode Certification
Cutera Laser Certification